Mango’s planes become more laptop-friendly

Using a laptop on a local flight is just a pain in butt. You have to put up with fellow passengers and cramped legroom, which makes it especially tricky if you have a 15-inch laptop you’d like to perch on the tray table.

Mango’s made that a little easier, now, by using all-new seats in its aircraft. The seats are slimmer and lighter, which means passengers can expect between 6 and 7.5cm of additional legroom, depending on where they’re sitting in the plane. That’s more room between you and the seat in front, and thus more room for that tray table to accommodate your laptop – without you having to contort and complain.

And you’ll want to use your laptop on the planes, too, because Mango is the only airline the country with on-board Wi-Fi.

The airline’s already taken delivery of two new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which  have the new seats layout, and by April 2014 it expects the upgrades to be complete, and its entire fleet will have the new seats. The slimmer seats also mean that there’s no change in seating density: each plane will still carry the same number of passengers as it does at the moment. And lighter materials means that the airline can reduce its carbon emissions by more than 1.7-million tons.



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