Map Monday: Road safety stats, by country

If you think South Africa’s road safety record is appalling, well, you’re pretty much right. Thanks to the Pulitzer Center in the US, which has compiled data for almost all the countries in the world, we now know how we stack up against our neighbouring countries (fewer deaths than SA), the US (far fewer), and Sweden (fewest).

The statistics are sobering when viewed on a global scale. South Africa ranks in the top 5 countries for road deaths per 100 000 citizens – and the number reported isn’t much lower than the last official study, in 2011, from local road safety agency, Arrive Alive.

The authors of the study also explain that road deaths are the highest in the developing world, with poorer countries only counting for 50% of the world’s traffic but 90% of its road deaths. In those areas, road deaths will soon be the biggest cause of death, surpassing AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and other diseases.

A sobering statistic for a Monday morning – drive safe out there.


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