MS confirms Office 365 for Android in S.A.

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The link went live this morning for Microsoft Office 365 for Android in the South African Google Play Store. This completes the rollout of mobile versions of Office, meaning people are now able to “view, edit and share their Office documents across all their mobile devices including Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.”

To be clear, this is the smartphone version and not the tablet version. At this stage the Redmond-based software giant hasn’t yet commented on whether or not it’s working on tablet versions of the suite for iOS and Android. The likelihood of this happening is low however, since the dominance Microsoft enjoys in the notebook and desktop space (and by proxy, the convertible tablet space) means it can address the majority of its users without ever having to work on third-party tablet versions of Office.

As is the case with the iPhone version of the application (we reported on over here), you’ll need an Office 365 subscription to make use of it, and that will cost you upwards of R650 per year. On the upside, you’ll get a whole bunch licenses to install the software on a number of PCs or Macs as part of the deal.

To complete the experience you’ll also want to install the Android versions of OneNote and Lync... Who knows, you might just earn yourself a “Microsoft Office overachievers badge”?

Check out some screenshots here:


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