No le taxi or mathatu for you: Uber is heading to Africa

Look out local taxi firms and apps, it looks like popular US car hire app Uber is on its way to Africa. The firm has just added a few more locations to its job vacancy page including open spots for staff in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi.

Uber is – inevitably – a smart phone app which allows you to call for a private limo driver in your area just by tapping a few details into your screen. You get a luxury car at your door for about the same price as a regular cab. That obviously puts it in direct competition with registered taxi services Stateside – many of whom also have apps. As a result, it’s found itself in several legal wranglings in the past.

But it is very popular, and if it sets up here will pretty much go head to head with homegrown services like Zapacab.


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