Sunday Service: Best of the week in tech

Spring is most definitely sprung and it’s a lovely warm day here in Johannesburg, if you don’t mind the dust that is. Perfect for relaxing with a cold one and catching up on things you might have missed out on this week. Here’s five from around the web.

  • It’s a year since Marikana and things don’t seem to be getting much better in the mining industry. Wage disputes roll on, AMCU and the NUM aren’t settling their differences and the official enquiry is yet to report. Whatever your feeelings about it all, the Mail & Guardian’s masterful investigation in to the circumstances and aftermath of the Marikana shootings is absolutely essential reading, being an expert example of the finest online story-telling and best principles of socially minded journalism. You can skip the first chapter – which is a bit self0-congratulatory – but the people of Marikana come shining through the rest. We’ve had a few issues with it on certain browsers, mind.
  • Duncan Alfreds at News 24 takes a look at how cyber-bullying affects South Africans (tld:dr = badly), a pertinent issue in the wake of teen suicides elsewhere in the world.
  • Something a little more lighthearted is this lovely look at archives of snapshops and what old photos reveal about us thanks to a collection of 11 000 pictures of days gone by curated by Robert E Jackson. (Hat tip to Duckrabbbit for that one.)
  • There’s a few hoary old cliches of tough African white men in HowWeMadeItInAfrica’s look at the tourism industry, but as an insight into how the internet has affected the safari tour trade it’s well worth reading.
  • We’re all about tech saving the world here, but don’t forget the humans when doing development says ICTWorks. And apparently you do this by disguising translators and sending them forth to talk about ‘Omni-Ingestors’, which are poo-eating machines. Entrepreurs, do your stuff.

And your weekly bonus is a look at one of the most important questions facing the world today: how to improve battery tech so we can all go off-grid. Thankyouverymuch.


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