Ding dong the (secrecy) bill is dead?

Breaking news coming in from the nationals – President Zuma has just sent the Protection of State Information Bill (aka the Secrecy Bill) back to the National Assembly to be redrafted. The controversial bill proposes heavy penalties for leaking state secrets for both the leaker and any journalist who receives the information, and has been widely criticised since its proposal.

Zuma made the announcement at a lunch for political journalists. He said that there were two sections of the bill as it stood that were “problematic”, “irrational” and “unconstitutional”, apparently.

The main complaints against the bill are that it doesn’t include a public interest clause, which would allow whistleblowers a measure of protection for unveiling unlawful behaviour, and gave the presidency a broad remit to decide what’s secret and what’s not.

The question is whether or not Zuma is seeking a revision of the bill which would please those opposed to it or the complete opposite. Or if this yet another piece of controversial legislation which is being punted to touch until after the elections (etolls +cough cough+).

More on it here, here and here.

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