Sunday Service: Secrecy, sintering and statistics

Hello, Sunday web broswers. It’s been a busy week here at We’ve been all over South Africa and as far afield as Germany and the US in order to gather information about this electronic world of ours – but we’ve still found time to find some great pieces of writing from elsewhere on the web as well. Without further ado, here’s this week’s Sunday Service.

  • The Economist says that the 3D revolution will take a different shape to the one that people expect, no doubt because it’ll be a single print mobious strip or something. Insightful look at the world’s most interesting tech here.
  • Ventures Africa has a great interview with Nigerian entrepreneur Kola Oyeneyin, who’s spent the last four years building up a network of business hubs and learning how to overcome deficits in the country’s communications and energy infrastructures.
  • Pick of the Guardian’s reporting this week was tough: Bruce Schneier is unmissable in his appeal to engineers to fix the internet, but Jeff Jarvis just gets our vote with his excellent breakdown of the difference between privacy and secrecy. Confused as to why ID cards and etolls are a bad thing? Read it here.

And that’s it for this week. Apologies for the brevity – currently scribbling down a write up of the excellent A MAZE/Interact festival at the Alexander Theatre yesterday. More soon…


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