BitTorrent wants to secure your chats from the snoops

Last month we wrote about German internet entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, who wants to build a secure email client into his  filesharing service, MEGA. Now, BitTorrent wants to do the same, but for your internet conversations.

Instant messaging is hot right now, and it’s another one of those things that can be monitored by spy agencies. After the PRISM scandal, people will no doubt be looking for more ways to converse safe in the knowledge that their conversations aren’t being sniggered at by a bored NSA employee, so it’s a smart move.

In a post on the BitTorrent Blog, the company writes that six million people have been affected by data breaches this year alone, and argues that online conversations should be owned by the people having them, not the servers hosting them. BitTorrent’s approach to an instant messenger service would use the same distributed protocols its file-sharing technology is known for, and help users keep their private conversations just that.

The blog has a page to sign up for an alpha version, so if you’re keen to get in and keep your secrets away from spying eyes, hit up the link.


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