Broforce beta just got a whole lot better

Free Lives has been working hard on its game, Broforce, ever since being given the Green Light by Steam users – and now we get to see what the Cape Town developer has been up to.

This past weekend it released another update for the beta version of Broforce – the third update for the in-development game, this month.

The beta, which is available to those who pre-order Broforce for $10 (around R100) now features the following additions:

  • Explosion Run – make your way through a level in record time, with the added challenge of having your friends compete for first place.
  • New terrains and levels – desert sand, and Vietnamese jungles
  • The ability to use a single bro for an entire level
  • A level editor for creating custom maps, including Explosion Run and deathmatch

The developers have also reached out to their audience, and created an online forum. As has been the case throughout the development for Broforce, the guys over at Free Lives are listening, so registering on the forum and giving feedback will probably help shape the future of the game.

Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly referred to the Brototype as the beta. The brototype is a version of Broforce that plays in a web browser, but does not have the same functionality as the beta. The beta is only available to those who have pre-ordered Broforce. 


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