Meet Snailboy: a South African developer’s first iOS game [Update: It’s coming to SA]

After yesterday’s interview with Cape Town-based Free Lives, and its upcoming title Broforce, we learned of yet another local game stupid. Its name is Thoopid, and today is a very special day: its first iOS game, Snailboy is now available on the iTunes App Store.

The game lets you play as a homeless snail, sliming his way through various garden environments. From leaves and grass, to gravel and thorny rose stems, Snailboy is on an adventure to retrieve his shell collection from the bad guys of the game, the Shadow Gang.

Rather than being a regular platformer, it uses physics puzzles to let gamers advance through the levels. An Angry Birds-style arc is drawn on screen to help dictate Snailboy’s jump path to the next platform or collectible item. From the visuals in the Pixar-esque trailer, it also looks the business, and makes us a little proud that something this fun and gorgeous came from SA.

Check out the trailer below, and if you’re interested, Snailboy can be bought on the iTunes App Store for $1.99 (around R20).

Yes, that does mean you need an American (or Kenyan) App Store account, since the South African one is still bound by law to not carry games, thanks to delays at the Film and Publications Board.

UPDATE: Thoopid got in touch with to clarify and confirm that Snailboy will be available to local users in the South African iTunes App Store. It should become available by the 11th of October.


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