Snailboy is now available in South African iTunes App Store

Last week we wrote about Snailboy, the fantastic-looking game from South African developer Thoopid. In the article we wrote that it’s a pity the game won’t be available for local gamers to enjoy, due to there not being a gaming section in the local App Store.

Thoopid wrote to us to explain that Snailboy will, in fact, be available in the local App Store. And sure enough, it has shown up as available for purchase, today.

How? We don’t know.

We’ve asked Thoopid what it’s done to achieve this, hoping that other game developers can get in on the action, but it has not responded yet. However, looking at the Snailboy listing on the local iTunes App Store, it’s listed under the Entertainment section, rather than the non-existent gaming section. In the App Stores for other countries, though, it is listed as a game.

Another win for local gamers is that Snailboy costs a mere R15.99, while the US store has it listed at $1.99 (around R20). Score!


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