Why wait? BlackBerry Messenger for iPhone is available in South Africa now

Last night we reported that BBM for Android had become available, albeit exclusively for Samsung devices, initially.

The deal was that Samsung gets exclusivity, and other platforms roll out later in the week. However, a crafty person has posted the link to the iOS version of BBM, so you can get to loading it on your iPhone.

As is the case with the Android version, BlackBerry is rolling the service out in stages, due to demand. Running the iPhone version shows a screen to sign up for the waiting list, and you’ll get a notification email when you’ve reached the front of the queue.

But, those familiar with the gaming debacle on the South African iTunes Store will get the last laugh: the link to the BBM for iPhone app is currently only valid for the American iTunes Store.  So, if you’re absolutely dying to contact your BlackBerry-owning friends from your iPhone, you’ll need to get access to a US iTunes account to download the app. Or you could just wait – what difference will a few more days make, when it’s taken this long already?



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