Galaxy S4 owners can update to Android 4.3 now [UPDATE Not for the LTE version]

Android 4.3 South Africa

The day has finally arrived for Android 4.3 to make its way onto the Galaxy S4 in South Africa. Our office S4 has started to download the update, and reports are in that its appearing on all the major networks now. The update which weighs in at a hefty 693.21MB brings a few performance improvements along with some other features like KNOX for consumers.

The update page also brings the news that the Galaxy Gear will now be compatible with the Galaxy S4 a fact which should help sales considering the amount of Galaxy S4 devices in the South African market. The limited compatibility of the Galaxy Gear was one of the major issues we had with the device when we reviewed it which we are glad to see Samsung rectifying.

On the negative side we tried to update our Galaxy S4 Active but were greeted with the all too familiar message of the update not being available. We’re waiting for word from Samsung to find out when and if the Active will be getting the update but considering the fact that it is almost identical to the Galaxy S4 LTE in terms of components we’re hoping that it gets the update soon.

UPDATE: As we were finishing up this news piece we received word from Samsung that the LTE version of the S4 would not be getting the update and that there was no official time frame on the update.

Android 4.3 for GALAXY S4 LTE is still currently undergoing extensive
local testing to ensure the quality of the user experience before it is
rolled out to South African consumers. Information will be released as
it becomes available.

This won’t be the first time that users of the LTE equipped S4 will have to wait after waiting four months for the phone to arrive in South Africa in the first place.

(Spotted at MyBroadband forums)


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