In pictures: 3D printed chocolate expo comes to Joburg

It’s definitely chocolate, but is it art? Who knows, so long as it tastes good, right? To celebrate the launch of its latest operating system, Android 4.4, Google has teamed up with a big chocolate maker* to produce a gallery of 3D printed chocolate sculptures which are on display at the Museum of African Design (MOAD) in Maboneng, Johannesburg until the end of this weekend (assuming they don’t melt, that is). The sculptures were designed by local artists, students and tech people and then printed out on a RepRap-style printer built by Hans Fouche of Fouche Chocolates.

Little known fact: Fouche has been making 3D printed chocolates and cake decorations for special occasions for years out of his business in Centurion. He also used to design Formula One cars.

Printing these sculptures was painstaking work – for many of the complex designs, Fouche told us, he had to print two layers at a time and then physically stick the sculptures together, otherwise they would have collapsed under their own weight during construction. If you’ve got time, the gallery is well worth seeing, and definitely worth smelling. If you don’t have time, the full gallery is below.

*Not wanting to editorialise too much**, the fact that we now have sponsored operating systems makes me sad. Personally, I still support the Nestle boycott, and will not refer to the latest version of Android as anything other than 4.4. 3D printed chocolate is very cool though.


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