Reddit only expecting the Xbox One in June, 2014

It emerged on Twitter this morning that a local e-tailer,, is only expecting the Xbox One to go on sale in South Africa in June, 2014.

It all started with a question directed at Microsoft’s South African MD, Mteto Nyati, by local gamer Pieter Kruger (@bierboer). The entire conversation went as follows:
 then chimed in with this tidbit:


We’ve reached out to out the official South African spokespeople for Xbox to further comment on the matter, but we’re not anticipating anything other than an echo of Mteto Nyati’s non-committal sentiments.

Seven months is a long time to wait for the Xbox One to go on sale locally. The delay would be made a little more bearable if Microsoft were frantically working DSTV integration, in the same way Americans and Canadians will get TV functionality via Microsoft’s new console, but hopes aren’t high.

When Xbox’s PR folks get back to us, we’ll let you know here.

Update: Graeme Selvan, the local Xbox PR guy, has come back to us to say that not even he knows the official release date of the Xbox One yet, only that it’s “coming in 2014”. He did say, though, that when Microsoft South Africa does know for sure, that they will make huge waves about it; until then, anyone talking release dates for the Xbox One is merely guessing.


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