Sony PlayStation 4 launches in US, 28 days away for SA

Sony has fired the opening salvo in the next-generation console wars, launching the PlayStation 4 in North America, today. The console goes on sale across the US and Canada  – albeit with a few unexpected issues, for some users.

At a mega launch event in New York, Sony hosted fans and VIPs as it counted down to midnight, when the console would officially go on sale. The event also saw developers show up to talk about new games they’re working on, and The Verge reports that Naughty Dog – the masterminds behind Uncharted and The Last of Us – teased a fourth Uncharted game. The cinematic franchise had some of the best-looking graphics on the PS3, and with the processing power in the new console we can only imagine what Drake and the new environments will look like.

Meanwhile, the local launch for the PlayStation 4 is four weeks away. The console, originally scheduled for a December 6th launch, will go on sale on Friday the 13th of December. Retailers have been running preorder programmes, but Ster Kinekor Entertainment – local distributor for the PlayStation brand – says that preorder slots have filled up fast. Those who haven’t booked one already can brave standing in line to get one, or they’ll have to be content with waiting until the second stock shipment arrives early next year.

Keep an eye out for local coverage of the new console – the only one to arrive this year. Microsoft SA still remains mum on when we’ll see the Xbox One, which goes on sale in the US market next Friday, the 22nd of November.


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