DEAL OF THE DAY: Save R1 100 on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Some news in from our sister site, deals.htxt: apparently is selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 for a staggering R1 100 off its usual price. You can bag one of the Korean company’s flagship smartphones for just R7 499, a huge discount from its usual price of R8 599.

It’s an interesting move that might be about more than just a Christmas bargain. With the recent launch of high quality handsets that rival the S4 in almost every way and outperform it in some, like the Huawei P6 and the LG G2, which are almost half the price of the Samsung phone it’s hard to justify the kind of premium that it commands. Now that we’re seeing serious supply of those two – and a lot of marketing spend too – it might be that Samsung finally has a fight on its hands.

Then again, it might just be that the S5 is only a month or so away. That’s where a lot of the online rumour mill is pointing anyway.

But what am I talking about. Ignore my witless blatherings and go get yourself a discounted S4. They’re available via this link.


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