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You know that thing where listening to yourself on tape is really embarrassing? Yeah, well, it’s really true. Watching back this interview about that CNBC Africa screened last week about the first few months of our existence is pretty excruciating for me. But I’m still enormously proud of what we’ve achieved in such a short space of time, so I’ll link it in any way…

It’s nice piece and thanks to Zoliswa from CNBC and Liron from The Techie Guy for going easy on us. If I had one comment to add, I’d say that the primary purpose of isn’t about simplifying tech as the vid suggests, it’s about joining in the great big celebration of technology that’s going on in the country and, indeed, the continent.

We felt, when we launched, that something was missing from the way the media was covering it tech. That was plenty of room for a big, broad subject site that’s not afraid to get excited and involved in stuff – whether it’s digital art, games, the start-up scene, politics, business, gadgets, tech or general geekdom. And we’re very pleased to find, looking at our first six months of stats, that we were right.


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