South African Kickstarter reaches funding goal

STASIS, the indie game that’s being made by just one lone South African developer, has reached its Kickstarter goal. A little while ago it crossed the $100,000 threshold, meaning at the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign on December 7, Christopher Bischoff will get his cash.

This marks the first time a South African game project has been successfully funded on the popular crowd-funding website.

Once the Kickstarter officially wraps up on the 7th of December, fans who have pledged their support will have their credit cards billed. Kickstarter then gets its cut of the proceeds with the balance going to Bischoff, who will have to start putting together any physical rewards that were promised in return for backing.

Once that’s all done and dusted, the remainder of the total will be put towards polishing the game further and adding a musical score by famed game soundtrack composer, Mark Morgan, who has created music for several big-name game franchises like Fallout 1 & 2, Planescape: Torment and Zork Nemesis to name but a few.

Other promised features that will see their way into the game now that the Kickstarter campaign has succeeded include additional cut-scenes and professional voice-acting.

We wish to congratulate Mr. Bischoff on his successful Kickstarter, and look forward to seeing the game shaping up in the coming months. The current estimated date of delivery for the completed game is August, 2014.

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