SteamOS will be available to download tomorrow for free

We recently wrote about Valve’s new gaming and entertainment-focused operating system, SteamOS, in which we talked up its lounge-friendly features and said it will be available sometime in 2014. What we didn’t mention was that Valve was planning to run a beta programme for the OS, by sending out 300 prototype Steam Machines and controllers to people within the Steam community for testing, and that this would be starting on Friday the 13th of December, when the 300 Steam Machines leave the factory.

Valve, not content to make just 300 people very happy, also announced that SteamOS would be made available for download for anyone who wants it on the same day, for free. If you’re interested, keep an eye on the SteamOS page on the Steampowered website for download inf0rmation from tomorrow.

The company did say, though, that if you’re not “an intrepid Linux hacker”, that you should rather hold off on grabbing SteamOS until next year, when a much more end-user friendly installation package is made available.

Valve also promised that more information on other Steam Machines will be forthcoming at the Consumer Electronics Show being held in Las Vegas in early January 2014, as well as imminent news on the beta programme for the “in-home streaming beta” that will let beta participants stream games from a Steam PC to one loaded with SteamOS across their home networks.


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