Valve’s Steam Machines start arriving at lucky beta testers’ homes

There’s a new Tumblr happening right now, and it’s all about a very lucky Steam user receiving their very own Steam Machine beta kit from Valve. It has been put together by the aptly-named Tumblr user SteamMachineBetaTester, and it shows everything from the look of the box when it arrived to the final unboxed PC.

Valve packaged everything up in a wooden crate, and slapped a shock sensor on it that would turn red if any rough handling took place during delivery. Included in the box was the Steam Machine PC, all the cables needed to hook it up and Valve’s new controller.

While some people are posting just pictures, other Steam Machine recipients are posting videos, specs and more. YouTube user Corey Nelson has posted a video detailing the unboxing of his Steam Machine and the controller. He has also put up videos showing off the boot sequence and a teardown of the hardware:

Reddit user Colbehr posted the specs of his machine, which came with a 3.2GHz quad-core Core i5-4570 processor, 16GB of RAM, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX780 graphics card with 3GB of memory, a Silverstone ST45SF-G power supply and an ASRock Z87E-ITX motherboard. With this hardware his Steam Machine can run any Steam game at its highest settings.

In a very nice touch, Valve also ensured every single Steam Machine sent out is unique by marking one of the 300 ventilation holes located on the side of each PC. It’s a clever idea, but it also serves to identify the PCs when images and videos of them inevitably surface online.

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Each Steam Machine is essentially just a regular x86 PC running Debian Linux, the Gnome 3 desktop environment and Valve’s own SteamOS on top of that. The only thing that makes these units special is their looks and the fact they were put together by Valve.

If all of this awesomeness is making you jealous, you can download SteamOS now and put it on any PC hardware you happen to have lying around. Sure, your machine won’t look anything like Valve’s, but you will have the full functionality of SteamOS and earn yourself all kinds of new Linux experience in the process.

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