DA: “Over 300 etoll billing complaints received in 7 days”

The Democratic Alliance (DA) says that it has received over 300 complaints from motorists regarding the Gauteng e-tolls, according DA Premier Candidate for Gauteng, Mmusi Maimane. The party put out a call for the public to flag up issues with the road billing system a week ago.

“Some of the more bizarre complaints we have received include a resident in the Western Cape who has not travelled on Gauteng’s roads since the implementation of e-tolling. She has received two invoices to date, one of which was for a motorcycle, when in fact her only vehicle is a Corsa Lite car,” Maimane said in a statement. “It is clear that the billing system is not working.”

Complainants can submit their complaints either by emailing them to or by posting a picture of the SMS or bill they had received on Twitter and tagging @DA_News, using the hashtag #No2etolls.

“I want to encourage people to submit their billing complaints to us…I will then take these complaints to the National Consumer Commission as part of my plan to fight e-tolling at every turn, both now and if elected Premier of Gauteng in 2014,” Maimane concluded.

The National Consumer Commission acknowledged yesterday that it would look into complaints submitted by the DA and individuals, but stressed that it shouldn’t be seen as a first resort for motorists, and that enquiries should be directed to SANRAL first. It added that where necessary, it could escalate issues up to the Consumer Trubnal which has greater powers to intervene.

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