Microsoft’s SkyDrive to become OneDrive

Microsoft’s announced that its cloud storage solution, SkyDrive, will be renamed OneDrive.

The change comes after a trademark lawsuit with British broadcaster, Rupert Murdoch’s BSkyB. Microsoft conceded, and part of the deal included a financial settlement as well as renaming its infringing products. Conveniently, though, Microsoft has another property that shares its all-encompassing vision: the Xbox One.

While it doesn’t outright mention the link, it’s fairly obvious, plus there’s the fact that the Xbox One already has integration with SkyDrive. Having a OneDrive makes a lot more sense, in this case.

Of course, Microsoft has a launch page up for the new product, urging users to sign up and be notified of the preview. It stresses that those who already use SkyDrive will see a seamless changeover to the new product, so it’s unclear why it’s making a big song and dance about this getting renamed. Unless, that is, new functionality and user clients are on the way. Perhaps a little something to finally take market leader Dropbox, head on.

This is also not the first time Microsoft’s cloud storage product’s been renamed. Before Windows 8 arrived SkyDrive used to be called Windows Live SkyDrive, Windows Live Folders, and back in its beta days it was known as Windows Live Mesh. Maybe now it finally has the one name it needs.


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