Dove’s ‘Selfie’ campaign wants to challenge stereotypes through photosharing

A new short film titled ‘Selfie’, which explores how social media and selfies influence the way beauty is defined, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday. It’s been produced as part of a marketing campaign by cosmetics company Dove, and while we wouldn’t usually mention advertising videos, this one seems worthy of picking out as the film really is quite emotional.

The film is a part of a project called #BeautyIs by Dove, under its long-running ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ campaign. It depicts the journeys of teen girls and their mothers around Western Massachusetts, as they open up emotionally and are asked to take selfies of what they consider to be their physical flaws.

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The photos are then taken and displayed in a room as part of a photo exhibition, where other girls and women view them, find inspiration and point out that what the girls and mothers think is a flaw, is actually what others see as beauty.

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“The way women are defining beauty today is changing dramatically, and social media has much to do with the change,” Wade said. “Now, we have the ability to photograph the beauty we see in our friends and ourselves. When we share these diverse images on our social networks, we are taking personal ownership and truly redefining beauty.”

The campaign, inevitably promoted using the #BeautyIs hashtag, is just the latest in Dove’s decade-long marketing message against airbrushed models and unrealistic depictions of beauty, which included developing a PhotoShop tool to ‘unairbrush’ photos last year.  If you want to take part, you can upload your own selfies on Instagram and Twitter and hashtag #BeautyIs, or share what beauty means to you on Twitter using the same hashtag.

Click on the video below to watch Selfie.


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