Betting on other people’s relationships? There’s an app for that

Ever found yourself rooting for a couple or thinking they’re a bad match and won’t last a day together? Well now there’s actually an app for that and it’s launched just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Forever|NOT: Relationship Betting is a social gaming app that lets you anonymously bet on your friends’ or celebrities’ relationships or find out what your friends think of your romance.

“Forever|NOT gives you the ability to help your friends and favourite celebrities navigate the world of relationships,” says the company behind the relationship gambling app.

Its goal is to “reduce the divorce rate by providing anonymous feedback from friends and fans”. We guess marriage counselors better start looking for new jobs then. Betters can increase their chances of winning by inviting friends, tweeting at celebrity couples and sending messages to friends letting them know that you support their choice of partner.


If you’re a couple looking to increase your chances of getting positive bets, the creators of Forever|NOT  have given these tips to up your stakes:

  • Don’t fight in public!
  • Tell your friends all the great things your significant other does for you (if they don’t, fake it!)
  •  Send flowers to your girlfriend at work or school so everyone else sees
  •  Message your friends that you support their relationship and invite them to bet on yours
  • Public displays of affection are good.

And if you happen to bet correctly, you get paid out after 30 days.

Frankly, we think this is a bit morbid and that there are better things one can do with their time, but if it’s something up your alley, you can download Forever|NOT: Relationship Betting from the iTunes App Store.



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