BlackBerry 10 gets a very good Flappy Bird clone

BlackBerry owners who felt left out of the whole Flappy Bird phenomenon have reason to celebrate today: a high-quality clone of Flappy Bird is now available on BlackBerry World for free.

It’s called Flappy Herbie Saga: Trolls of the Forest, it’s only a 4.9mb download, and it’s a superb copy of Flappy Bird’s mechanics right down to the sometimes-unfair hitbox of the pipes you’re trying to miss.

After many, many tries and only succeeding to the fourth pipe, I can confirm the game is as annoying/fun/challenging as Flappy Bird was, but the graphics of this particular clone are much nicer than FB’s pixelated Mario-esque visuals.

Since Apple and Google are no longer accepting games for their respective stores with “Flappy” in their name, it was pretty much inevitable that clones would move over to other platforms. We’re happy to report that while this isn’t the first Flappy Bird clone for BB10, it’s definitely one of the best.


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