Free game Flappy Bird will now cost you R2.7-million

Indie hit game Flappy Bird is a free download from your nearest app store. Well, it was a free download until creator Dong Nguyen took the game offline, saying that it has ruined his simple life.

In the wake of the game being taken offline after Nguyen followed through with his Twitter promise, a ton of clones have popped up on the Android an iTunes app stores. Flappy Bee stars an apian protagonist – and that game even renamed itself to have “flappy” in its title, cashing in on the success of the now-departed Flappy Bird. There’s even a clone starring Doge, the internet’s most-loved dog. Wow.

Of course, nothing is as good as having the original, and that’s where some people have capitalised on the situation by putting their Flappy Bird-containing phones up for sale on eBay.

While eBay usually has a handle on these things, taking down auctions and sales for bogus items, it hasn’t stopped people from listing their iPhones for ridiculous prices. An iPhone 4 loaded with the infamous game commands, at the time of writing, a price of R3 600. Another iPhone 4 owner thinks his phone (and probably high score) are worth more; current bids start at R9 100.

One clearly-smoking-his-socks iPhone 5 owner wants to sell his phone, loaded with Flappy Bird, for a whopping £150 000 – yes, that is R2.7-million. It’s ridiculous. The least he could’ve done was offer it on an iPhone 5s. The same goes for many of the other phones being offered, with prices ranging from R10 000 to R70 000.

There is the matter of whether or not this is legal. Apple’s policy allows users to authorise up to five phones for use with their accounts, but once that phone is sold it is no longer your property. There’s also the fact that you’ll be selling your phone, along with associated app access, to the person buying it.


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