Gaming bargain: Pre-order the new Thief for a steal and get bonus mission too

Thanks to the kind chaps over at, PlayStation 4 gamers won’t have worry about being a lot poorer while they sit on their hands waiting for the first new game to arrive for their flashy, expensive consoles.

From our sister site, deals.htxt:

One of the most anticipated games of the year is about to hit the console and PC. If you want to get this gem on PS4 it will cost you R699 instead of R827 at Kalahari and you’ll get an exclusive in-game mission if you pre-order it.  All versions get the free in-game mission The Bank Heist on pre-order.

The PC version will cost you R419 instead of R470.82, PS3 will cost R679 instead of R753.31 and Xbox360 will cost R679 instead of R753.31. Looks like the PS4 gamers save the most. Nice.

Yes, game prices are up. Along with prices for petrol, food, and everything else. Except games matter more, to some, and saving a little will mean a lot. Kalahari’s deal lets you preorder the long-awaited remake of the 90s classic sneak-em-up, for all platforms, at a decent saving. The PS4 version will be around R130 less than retail – and if you have some eBucks to spend, it’ll be even cheaper.

Check out the rest of the deals for Thief 4 over at deals.htxt.


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