Indian smartphone has the strangest name ever: Wicked Leak Wammy Passion X

If you thought Chinese manufacturer Huawei had a name that’s a mouthful (it’s wah-way, for future reference), then get a load of the latest smartphone from amusingly-named Indian manufacturer, Wicked Leak.

That’s the company name. And its latest product, an octa-core smartphone with a hydrophobic coating, is called the Wicked Leak Wammy Passion X. Try say that five times fast. Five also remains a relevant number for the screen size: a 5-inch, 1080p display. Underneath that sits the aforementioned eight-core processor, a MediaTek chip that’s clocked at 1.7GHz. It’s paired to a very respectable 2GB of RAM, and a duo of cameras weighing in at 13-megapixels (rear) and 5-megapixels (front). The 16GB of storage hosts an Android 4.2 installation, and an expansion slot to add up to another 64GB. Providing power is a 2 500mAh battery, which is about on par with other high-end devices. Unlike those devices, though, the Wammy Passion X (seriously?) has dual SIM slots – and that’s a killer feature in developing markets where people shop around for the best data and voice deals, between providers.

What makes the device really special, though, is its waterproof treatment. It uses a technology called AquaProtect, originally developed by German company Siemens. This is a nano coating that is applied to the electronics and helps them repel water. Yes, the phone with leak in its name will now literally do that, right after you dunk it in the pool (for up to 30 minutes). Rather than sealing the device completely, which is what Sony and Samsung have done with their respective flagships this year, Wicked Leak has waterproofed the internals. Even if water gets in, it won’t do any damage.

Wicked Leak sells the phone on its website for 19 990 rupees, which works out to about R3 500. And that’s a pretty killer price for something with these specifications, given that other 1080p phones are about double the cost.


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