The documentary that recognises women’s roles in comics

For a long time, women have been sidelined in comic culture and although women have come far in having their roles recognised, being female  in a world where male geeks are seen as the only true fans and creators of comics is still tough and there’s still a long way to go. 

That’s why Respect! Films and the Sequart Research & Literacy Organisation came up with She Makes Comics, a documentary that celebrates women in comics as creators and fans. But they need help with funding, so they have launched a campaign on Kickstarter.

“Our project intends to emphasize the valuable contributions women have made since the Golden Age of comics. They may not be as recognisable as Will Eisner or Stan Lee, but we hope to make some of comics’ most prolific women into household names by showcasing their talents and contributions,” Sequart says on the She Makes Comics campaign page.

She Makes Comics is currently in the early stages of production, with research and interviews being conducted with different men and women who have made history in the comics industry.

The documentary will mostly be an oral history told by these key figures themselves. Commentary from experts, scholars, writers, artists, actors, filmmakers both inside and outside of the comics industry, will also form a large part of the documentary.

A lot of work and resources are needed to make She Makes Comics a success, to complete the documentary, the makers need to travel to 10 different cities, interview 35 people and spend more than 800 hours editing, which is what they’re seeking funding for.

So far, $29 179 of the $41 500 target has been raised, with just over two weeks to go until funding ends.

“To bring all of these women together…telling their stories, telling the history of women in comics, stands as such an amazing example to women and girls out there, that there are a lot of women in this club and there’s always room for more,” says Karen Green, producer and graphic novels librarian at Columbia University.

Check out the She Makes Comic campaign on Kickstarter and follow its progress on Facebook and Twitter.


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