Blast your way through MoonRun, a browser game by 2 SA devs

MoonRun is a fun little game inspired by some old-school classics that you can play in your browser. Well as long as you use Chrome or Safari as those are the two browsers that support the technologies used in the game’s creation, namely WebGL and WebAudio.

MoonRun’s mechanics are pretty simple: you have to shoot flying ships from your ground-based truck in various missions in order to rack up a high score, but the trick is to switch to the right ammo type to do damage, as the enemies’ defences vary. You collect scrap along the way, which serves as the game’s currency that can be used to buy more weapons and ammo.

While the pixel-graphics are deliciously old-school and the soundtrack has 8-bit overtones, the overall presentation is quite modern.

It won’t work on mobiles, though – this is a computer-only game that requires a keyboard or a mouse to control. It was developed by just two people – South Africans @smaatiboy and @foxinni according to the game’s main screen. A post on the forum says inspiration for the game was from classic games Paratrooper, Scorched Earth and DopeWars.

There’s a free demo so you don’t have to sign up for anything, but if you’d like to save your scores to get your name on the high score board you’ll need to sign in with Facebook or Twitter credentials or by creating your own profile just for the game.

Sound good? Head on over to the game’s official page and give it a try.


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