New Kindle Paperwhite lands in SA

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Fans of Amazon’s beloved Kindle ereaders now have yet another model to choose from, in the form of the new Kindle Paperwhite.

The company’s front-lit flagship now has a few new selling features that’ll make it stand out even more – as if that’s needed in this popular but seemingly uncontested market. With no number to denote that it’s a successor to the older Paperwhite, the new model lets its specs do the talking. It retains the same lighting technology, to let you keep reading in the dark, but the display itself has been revised to provide more contrast. The touch panel on the display also boasts newer tech, making it more responsive and accurate.

Powering all of that visual and touch goodness is a processor that’s 25% faster. Those who’ve used older Kindles will know how beneficial something as seemingly inconsequential as this can be. Having just that little more oomph when it comes to flipping pages, sorting through large ebook libraries, or loading web pages, makes a big difference to the user experience. New features in the software include Page Flip, letting users flip back and forth between sections of books without losing their place on the pages they’re reading. One of the benefits of reading is learning new words – and the Kindle Vocabulary Builder will aid in that. Words you look up while reading will be added to a list that you can then use to quiz yourself later. A smarter way of absorbing all those multisyllabic tongue twisters.

The WiFi version of the new Paperwhite will retail for R2 499, while a 3G and WiFi model will cost R3 299. These can be bought from leading retailers, including Game, DionWired, and Incredible Connection.

[Image – Amazon]

Christo van Gemert

Christo van Gemert

Eleven years ago Christo started writing about technology for one of South Africa's (then) leading computer magazines. His first review? A Samsung LCD monitor. Hey, it was hot news, back then. Nowadays he gets more excited about photography, cars, game consoles, and faster internet connections. He's sort of an Apple fan, but will take any opportunity to remind you about his Windows-powered home theatre PC and desire to own a vanilla Android tablet.   Currently uses: Apple 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display, Apple iPhone 5, Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000, Audiofly AF78 Earphones, Xbox 360, Nikon D50.