Prepare your download cap: Titanfall beta goes live today

Vince Zampella, one of the co-founders of Respawn Enterainment, announced via Twitter that beta codes for Titanfall, the much-awaited futuristic first-person shooter, will go live today.

Players can sign up for the beta over here but there’s no guarantee that they’ll get a key. Respawn hasn’t said how many keys it’ll hand out, but we do know that PC and Xbox One players will be able to participate. It’s also likely, as has happened with previous betas, that more keys will be issued down the line, once major problems are ironed out and Respawn tests how its servers will handle the load.

Respawn comprises some of the guys who used to be part of the Infinity Ward team. That developer that gave us some of the better Call of Duty games, including the original CoD, as well as the Modern Warfare series for Xbox 360 and the PS3 (and PC and Mac and Wii). Gamers around the world have been following the world of Zampella and his cohort Jason West.

Titanfall was first announced in June 2011, to be developed by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts. The futuristic shooter takes all the best bits of the Call of Duty games that Zampella and West worked on, but adds more awesomeness in the form of, well, mechs – which are called titans in the game. The multiplayer-only shooter is currently in development only for the PC and Xbox One, and thankfully the beta codes being dished  will work for both platforms. Those in PC, though, will need to have EA’s Origin client to download the game content. Xbox One owners – the precious few that are in South Africa, as we still await the console’s launch – will simply be able to redeem the code on the marketplace and download the beta.



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