PS4 bundle sold out at FNB – UPDATED

FNB is no longer accepting orders for the PlayStation 4 bundle that was announced earlier this week. That’s because they’re out of stock, and also because only 100 units were made available. reported yesterday that FNB’s PS4 deal actually sold out in less than 24 hours. Not surprising considering the demand for the console, plus the very attractive price and affordable monthly instalments.

The PlayStation 4 price has already increased by R500 since its launch in December 2013, and with no end in sight to the rand’s volatility, it makes sense gamers want to get in on the PS4 action while it’s still reasonably affordable to do so.

We’ve reached out to FNB to find out if they know when more PS4s will arrive.

Update 06/02: We’ve received an official press release from FNB about the PS4 deal in which they acknowledge the success of the bundle and talk about stock levels, which they say are “dependant (sic) on what suppliers can provide us”. The good news is that the bank will continue to sell PS4s when new stock becomes available. An official announcement will be made once new stock availability has been confirmed.


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