Vampire Squid tries to understand women. Fails

Wall Street bank, Goldman Sachs was invited to be one of the sponsors of  the Women Engineers Code coding event at Harvard University recently and were encouraged to bring goodie bags that “would appeal to a female audience”.

Now, if the event was a beauty fair, the goodie bags would’ve been a perfect fit but this is certainly not what female tech experts expect at a coding event.

(Note the horrific and sexist comment in the centre by a male.)

Screenshot (361)This was posted on Instagram by a woman who goes by the username yuqz. “#goldmansachs brought nail files and mirrors to the women’s coding event. Not sure if this is#sexyfeminism or gender stereotyping,” she wrote on her post.

Surprisngly, the organisers of Women Engineers Code came out in defence of Goldman Sachs saying:

“Goldman Sachs is our partner and we knew that the nail files were coming. We chose to present them to our conference attendees as an option, not a requirement, for swag (stuff we all get) from our sponsors. We gladly accept any and all (free) nail files, nail polish, game consoles, food and/or anything else our wonderful sponsors want to send our way! We promise we’ll put it to a good cause.”

Good cause? We’re not so sure about that.

[Source: New York Times Image: Instagram]


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