Apple launches a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c

Apple has released a new entry-level smartphone into the, already entry-level, iPhone 5c range with the introduction of a new 8GB model. The iPhone 5c is essentially a retooled version of Apple’s previous generation flagship iPhone 5 smartphone in a range of colourful polycarbonate plastic cases similar to the kind you would find on a Nokia Lumia smartphone.

Before the introduction of the iPhone 5c, Apple had just kept selling its previous flagship as the entry-level model in the range however a continuing need from its investors to find a lower cost entry into markets like China forced Apple to introduce the iPhone 5c last year in September. Since then however the sales of the 5C have been less than stellar with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, admitting at the company’s last earnings call that “demand percentage turned out to be different from we thought.” with the iPhone 5s demand drastically outstripping that of the 5c.

The introduction of the 8GB model into the iPhone 5c lineup is tacit admission from Apple that the entry-level price for their smartphone may have been too high to stimulate the demand in the lower end, predominantly pre-paid customers that the phone was targeting overseas. The new 8GB iPhone 5c is £40 (around R720) cheaper than the 16GB model it supplants at the base of the lineup at the Apple online store in the UK, which would equate to an estimated price of around R8 200 for the 8GB version as opposed to the current R8 999 cost of the 16GB model in South Africa.

While we are unable to get official confirmation of whether or not the 8GB iPhone 5c will be making its way to South Africa as of yet, the expected entry level price of more than R8 000 will mean that it will face stiff competition from a litany of Android competitors as well as Nokia’s similar looking Lumia range.



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