How to mute all the Oscar trial tweets on your timeline

Overwhelmed by Oscar? Yeah… us too. It’s too much already, and it’ll be interesting to see if there’s as many media vans outside the Pretoria courtroom by the time the whole trial ends as there are now. If you’re one of the many who are trying to get on with your work and social lives on Twitter but finding the frenzy of trial-related Tweets overwhelming, fear not: we have just the solution for you.

The mute button.

Quite a few of the web-based Twitter clients have a built-in feature to help you ignore certain users, lists or hashtags – they’re so uncommon to use that no-one knows where they are. Fortunately, we do know how to work such arcane magic on our social streams, so here’s how to filter the Pistorius from the river.


Tweetbot is a third-party iOS app with many features designed for your Twitter including the ability to mute services, hashtags, people, and keywords for as long as you wish

Log in with your Twitter account details, head to the ‘Mute Filters’ tab and type in the user, keyword, hashtag or client you want to mute.

Mute Tweets lets you temporarily unfollow someone (like your over zealous friend who’s getting a little over excited and retweeting every Oscar trial tweet) for as long as you wish to and will re-follow them once afterwards.

Visit, connect using your Twitter log in details, then  tweet the following: [d] @mutetweets, insert a Twitter handle between <> and the length of time in minutes, hours or days in between <>.


Twivo is great for those who hate seeing spoilers for shows they’re yet to watch and for muting tweets. All you need to do is type in keywords and hashtags and press record, and then press play when you’re ready to see the related tweets.

Download Twivo from the Chrome Web Store, download it and it’ll appear like so on your Timeline.

Screenshot (447)


Echofon is a third-party app that lets you mute users, hashtags and related terms on your timeline.

It’s pretty simple to use. You enter your Twitter log in details, go to settings, select ‘Mute’ and just add any user, hashtag or clients.




Echofon is available for Android and iOS.



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