5 music apps to get you jamming

If you want to create music, listen to your favourite artists and tunes or discover new music around the world, the following apps will cater to your needs under one common theme – the love of music.  Check out these 5 music apps below.



A song comes on the radio and you love it but you have no clue who the artist is or what the song title is, what do you do? This is where Shazam can help. Shazam identifies a song title and the artist by listening to the music when you hold your phone or tablet close to it, returning results in about 10 seconds. And in case you want to sing along, the app also displays the song’s lyrics. Shazam also works for television so you can find out more information about something that’s currently playing. You can also find out what your friends on Facebook have Shazammed under the News section and explore content from other users locally and internationally using a map.

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Rating: 4/5



What’s great about SoundCloud is that it caters to both artists and music fans. It’s a great place for an upcoming artist to market themselves and get their music out there, sort of like an online open mic spot, while established artists can reach out and interact with their fans. For listeners, it’s a great way to discover upcoming, raw talent and diverse music genres while catching up on what their favourite popular artists are currently doing. Podcasts are also featured on SoundCloud and a number of radio stations use it to upload interviews for listeners to enjoy later on, as well as for online stations and presenters to grow their audiences. In a nutshell, SoundCloud grants you access to a community centred around audio and music.

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Rating: 5/5

Traktor DJ


Traktor DJ is suitable for both beginners and advanced DJs who prefer to keep thing simple and do all their work from one place. Since Traktor DJ is only available for iPad, you’ll have to have an account set up and the app will then pull music from your iTunes music library. The interface is very similar to that of other DJing software and apps. You have two tracks at the top and bottom, with identical mixing and equalizing settings and special sound effects for each. Once you’re done, you can save all your tracks and mixes into different categories for different moods and events. If you’ve used other DJing apps, you’ll feel quite at home on Traktor DJ.

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Rating: 3/5

Band of the Day


Band of the Day brings fresh, brand-new music from different bands from around the world to your device each and every day. A new song by one band is posted, making that band the “Band of the day”. Music is stored in a library, so you can go back and listen to previous bands of the day. You can also choose your favourite band, follow them on the app and save your favourite songs. The music is completely free and there’s no need to subscribe. You can also find out more about featured bands by reading up on their biographies and viewing their videos and photos right from within the app.

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Rating: 4/5

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Screenshot (529)

A bit of good old karaoke with friends at a party, family during the holidays or even by yourslef never goes out of fashion. Sing1 Karaoke by Smule lets you pick from a list of song in different genres. You can even upload your performances and compete with other users from around the world who also use the app or comment on their performances. If your favourite song isn’t on the list, you can suggest it to Smule and it could be added. The only catch is that for Android, it’s only available for tablets.

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