April’s Games with Gold announced

April’s Games with Gold games look set to continue Microsoft’s policy of only making older games “free” to Gold members, with the announcement that Hitman: Absolution will be the first April title made available, and Deadlight the second.

Both games are from 2012, and while Hitman: Absolution is a fairly good game (so long as you don’t ask fans of Blood Money what they think), Deadlight – a side-scrolling zombie adventure – received mostly tepid reviews.

It definitely does seem like Microsoft is trying to appear giving, without actually giving anything truly worthwhile. Sort of like an uncle who doesn’t like you much buying you socks for Christmas because he has to.

Gamespot says that Sony, meanwhile, is dishing out Mercenary Kings, Batman: Arkham City, Stealth Inc, A Clone in the Dark, Castle of Illusion, Velocity Ultra, and Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD to American PS Plus subscribers in April (the SA list goes live in 14 hours from now). Sure, these aren’t the absolute latest games, but there sure are more of them.


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