Facebook Messenger for iOS gets better and faster sharing features

After Facebook’s announcement that it would be ending messaging within its primary app, obliging users to download and use it’s Facebook Messenger app a few loyal users were up in arms. Not just because the idea of having two Facebook apps on one phone seems a bit bizarre, but also because in its state at the time the Messenger app wasn’t very good. Now, though, the company has made a few tweaks to Messenger for iOS to make the app a bit more appealing.

For starters, Facebook Messenger has been updated with instant photo and video sharing that allows you to take and send photos, videos and stickers to your friends without leaving a conversation, and when people send you videos, you can play them right within the app. You can listen to recordings within Facebook Messenger and the improved search function now makes it easier and faster to search for friends and groups.

While these new features are only available for iOS users, they are expected to roll out to Android users in the next week or so.

Download or update Facebook Messenger for iOS from the iTunes App Store

[Image – Facebook Messenger]


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