Digital fundraiser delivers two million malaria treatments to kids in Zambia

Online fundraising is a tricky business. Get it right, and you can achieve internet fame and earn cash to do good at the same time. Get it wrong and your well-meaning efforts will be swallowed up into the vortex of failed aspiration at the centre of the worldwide web – or worse earn you notoriety and send you over the edge.

Good news, then, from drug company Novartis which has just shipped two million anti-malaria treatments to children in Zambia. The medicines are the first batch which have been paid for via an online campaign called Power of One which launched back in September. The campaign is being run by Malaria No More, and Novartis has offered to match donations up to one million tablets a year until 2015.

This shipment – the first by Power of One – has been timed to coincide with World Health Day (today) which this year is themed around ‘vector borne’ diseases like malaria that disproportionately affect African children. Power of One has been raising money via its website and mobile apps, encouraging people to donate $1 (R10) or more at a time as that’s the price of a single course of anti-malarials.

The campaign hopes to raise another $1m for a million more treatments in Zambia before moving on to a different country later in the year. Here’s a little video Power of One made to celebrate the occasion.

[Image: Power of One]


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