Surfers: track your best breaks with dedicated GPS watch from Rip Curl

Ever tried to explain exactly how righteous riding that wave was only to find yourself staring into the disbelieving faces of your surfer brethren? Or maybe you’ve been longing for a way to disprove your mate’s tall stories about the session you missed out on. Either way, Rip Curl has come up with a new toy that will settle any disputes either way: a waterproof GPS watch that will track and store every single moment you’re out on the water.

When it comes out, Rip Curl’s SearchGPS watch will be able to track how many waves were ridden, the speeds reached and distance travelled on each and allow surfers to map out each session using the Rip Curl Search App or website to be relived later or shared with friends.

It’s a little geeky to turn a good surf session into charts and maps, but it sure sounds cool to us. While there’s no word on when the watch will drop in, Rip Curl has provided a small taste of what to expect with a gnarly introductory video:

Many sports have their own apps and wearables – running and cycling being among the most popular – so it’s nice to see surfing getting its own version of the tech.

There’s no word on when to expect the SearchGPS watch, but you can sign up to be notified the second it becomes available by heading over to the official Rip Curl website now.

[Via Engadget]


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