The phonecamera is back with Samsung’s new Galaxy K Zoom

Last year Samsung blurred the lines between portable cameras and smartphones with its Galaxy S4 Zoom, this year sees the second generation of the smartphone cum camera from the Korean company in the form of the freshly announced Samsung Galaxy K Zoom.

The Galaxy K Zoom (the ‘K’ stands for Kamera) packs a new 20.7 megapixel camera sensor and 10X optical zoom into a much changed frame from last year’s S4 Zoom. It borrows heavily from the Galaxy S5’s design with the same dimpled back covering as the flagship model uses along with a selection of similar colours with the blue, black and white all finding a home on the back of the Galaxy K Zoom. In addition to the new aesthetics, the Galaxy K Zoom’s lens also protrudes significantly less from the back of the phone’s case than in its predecessor which we imagine will make it infinitely more comfortable in pocket but less camera like in grip.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Being as much a camera as it is a smartphone, Samsung have put some serious work into the Galaxy K Zoom’s imaging sensor. the 20.7MP camera has optical image stabilisation, which should help it get much clearer shots in low light conditions or when you’re moving slightly while taking a picture. For the more proficient photographers out there, the Galaxy K Zoom has the ability to independently set exposure and focus points for the picture as well as full set of manual controls.

The feature that has us most excited though is the new ‘Selfie Alarm’ which could land up being on of the most desirable features of the new phone. Here’s how it works: once activated, Selfie Alarm asks you to set the spot in the frame where you want your face, then you turn the phone around and point the rear camera at your face. When you’re in the correct spot in the frame, the Galaxy K zoom beeps to let you know and takes three pictures from which you can select the best.

Hardware wise the Galaxy K Zoom uses a six core Samsung Exynos processor, a 4.8-inch, 720p Super AMOLED display and has 2GB of RAM for Samsung’s latest skinned version of Android 4.4 including software features like Ultra Power Saving Mode and S Health features that we saw in the S5 as well.

Samsung South Africa has confirmed that the phone is indeed coming to the country and we’re just waiting on pricing and availability for the device.

UPDATE: Vodacom has confirmed that they will be offering the Galaxy K Zoom but are still confirming time and price.

UPDATE 2: MTN has confirmed they will also be offering the Galaxy K Zoom, whereas Telkom Mobile have confirmed they won’t be.

[Image: Samsung]


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