Toyota SA recalls Yaris, Fortuner, Hilux and Innova

Toyota South Africa has confirmed that it’s recalling four different models of car in South Africa, as part of two separate global actions involving safety concerns in its vehicles.

The ranges effected are the Yaris, Hilux, Innova and Fortuna – all of which are exceptionally popular over here.

According to Toyota, the problems involve a seat fastener in the Yaris and the driver’s airbag in the 4x4s and people carrier. For recalled vehicles, the Yaris will be inspected to ensure the seats are secure and a spiral cable in the airbag system of the other three vehicles will be replaced.

The recall affects 6.4m vehicles globally, and the firm is describing it as a ‘pre-emptive measure’ and that neither of the faults are known to have caused accidents yet.

Internationally, cars made by Subaru and General Motors using Toyota parts have also been recalled.

Drive a Toyota and want to know if you’re affected? If you drive a Yaris, the firm has an online VIN number checker (you should find your VIN number stamped in a recess at the bottom left of the windscreen) to see if yours is one that’s affected. Drivers of the Fortuner, Hilux and Innova will have to wait until the firm has confirmed which vehicles explicitly are affected.

You can check your VIN number here.

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