“Computers, and computing, are broken”

We live in a world where the NSA has seemingly unfettered access to everything we do or say online. Even when we’ve taken the time to properly secure our information, we have bugs like Heartbleed that make us feel less comfortable about being online.

But is it really as bad as the doomsayers would have you believe? Are the internet, computer software and the devices we use every day all so fundamentally and irreparably flawed that we should all just go home and assume the foetal position while we rock ourselves to sleep?

Well according to journalist Quinn Norton, who describes herself as “a writer who likes to hang out in the dead end alleys and rough neighborhood (sic) of the Internet, where bad things can happen to defenseless (sic) little packets,” we should all do just that.

In one of the most frighteningly open pieces put together about the state of the internet and computers in general, Quinn describes how ‘Everything is Broken’. So while we don’t quite advocate burning everything with a processor or a WiFi connection, we definitely think that you should read her article if only to get a bit more of an understanding of what is happening inside your digital life.

Head over to Quinn’s page on Medium to read the full story.

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