Diablo III celebrates its birthday in Legendary style

Diablo III players will have a very compelling reason to get back into the incredible dungeon-crawler this week: a higher chance of finding Legendary items.

The game’s publisher announced via yesterday that to celebrate Diablo III’s second birthday, players will get an extra 100% chance for Legendary items to drop and extra double Rift Shards for the next week, starting today. Just not for console players – this event is PC-only, according to the post.

That’s seven full days of a much-higher chance of boss characters dropping drool-worthy Legendary weapons, armour and trinkets that can really help flesh out the perfect character build. If you’ve been farming rifts for specific drops to no avail, this is your chance to find what you’re looking for.

While that’s definitely a reason to get stuck back in, don’t think that whatever your current chance for a Legendary drop will have 100% added to it. Instead, your chance to find one is simply doubled; that means if you currently have a 1% chance, that increases to 2%, as opposed to having it go up to 101%. Smart people, those Blizzard devs.

Still, doubling your chances is pretty good however you cut it. As you probably already know, Blizzard has ensured Legendary drops are incredibly useful, especially at the highest difficulty settings as they make things like this possible:

That, dear readers, is YouTube user thatoneguyseven running a Torment VI rift (the biggest challenge the game offers) solo using just one skill, Blessed Shield, that costs no Wrath to use thanks to a particularly desirable Legendary item.

I’m definitely going back to Sanctuary this weekend to see if I can make that drop too. See you all there!

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