Gangnam Style nearing 2 billion mark, still most viewed YouTube video ever

It’s been almost two years since Psy’s Gangnam Style smashed YouTube records to become the most viewed video of all time. No other video has managed to knock it off its throne to date, and it’s already edging towards the two billion views mark.

Gangnam Style reached the one billion mark in December 2012, just five months after being uploaded in July. The only video that comes close to it is Justin Bieber’s hit single Baby. With just over 1 billion views, it held the number one spot until it was booted off by Gangnam Style in November 2012.

Think the Korean pop star is a one-hit wonder? Turns out he is the only person to have two videos featured on the top ten of most viewed videos of all time, with his second single Gentleman coming in at number seven with over 600 000 views.

And in case you were wondering which video sits at number one in South Africa, it’s this 27-second clip of President Jacob Zuma reading out the number 939 million 3000 and 60000. (And it has over 800 00 views.)

[Image – YouTube]





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