IEC may not send selfie takers to jail after all

Anyone who happened to go against the IEC’s wishes by taking a voting booth selfie and uploading it onto social networks has broken the law and in danger of jail time.That didn’t, however, stop the likes of DJ Sbu from doing just that, with his big musical thumbs up faux pas for the ANC.

It looks like the problem of booth selfies was so widespread that leniency may be shown.

Prior to the elections yesterday, the IEC had emphasized that selfies of voters’ ballot papers taken in voting booths would not be tolerated and could lead to jail time or a fine. This morning, it reiterated that anyone can and should report those who snuck a memorial shot and shared.

Now, IEC CEO Mosotho Moepya is considering letting the matter slide.

A tweet by election news site SA Votes 2014 indicates that because so many people have been uploading voting booth selfies in a celebratory spirit, the IEC may show leniency towards them. This in spite of news of one voter in the Northern Cape who has already been arrested for uploading their voting booth selfie.

Screenshot (70)


Not much information has been provided on this, but we’ll keep our ear to the ground to find out more.

[Image – IEC]



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