PS4 pre-order pre-loading to begin with Destiny

The pre-loading of pre-ordered PlayStation 4 games will start in September with Destiny, the new shoot & looter from the studio behind the Halo series.

That’s the word out of Engadget; apparently one of the site’s staffers had pre-ordered Watch_Dogs, only to receive a message from Ubisoft that the game would not be available for pre-loading until its official launch time of one minute past midnight on Tuesday the 27th of May.

Once the pre-loading of pre-ordered titles goes live, gamers will be able to download their games a few days before the official launch so that they’re ready to go the second the game becomes available.

That’s especially good news for local gamers as triple-A PlayStation 4 games can be pretty big. The new Wolfenstein, for example, requires a 47GB download, which on a 4mbps connection would take just over 31 hours to download.

On a side note, if you’re considering changing the way you connect to the internet to ADSL with an uncapped account, now’s a good time to do it. Games are only going to get bigger, making 20GB+ downloads not uncommon now and in the future.

[Source & Image – Engadget]



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