WhatsApp for Windows Phone is gone… for now

While it may be the most popular messaging app in the world with over half a billion users, WhatsApp won’t be getting any new users from the Windows Phone operating system. For the time being, the communications app was pulled from the Windows Phone store.

The issue is thought to be related to the fact that the WhatsApp application was encountering several problems on phones running the developer preview of the coming Windows Phone 8.1 update. According to a statement made to Windows Phone Central, the decision to pull the app was made by WhatsApp themselves who are currently working on a fix to the app.

“Unfortunately due to technical issues, we have chosen to un-publish WhatsApp Messenger on the Windows Phone platform,” the company said in response to questions from the Windows Phone Central site. “We are working closely with Microsoft to resolve the issues and hope to return to the store shortly. We apologize to our users for the temporary inconvenience.”

Users who already have the app downloaded will continue to be able to use it and, since the problems were with Windows Phone 8.1 and almost all users will still be using Windows Phone 8, WhatsApp should for the most part continue to function without any errors. Unfortunately for new Windows Phone owners, WhatsApp does not show up in search results in the Windows Phone store with the website pronouncing that “This app is no longer published”.

[Source – Windows Phone Central]


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